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4X4 Side Steps.
Everybody has their own reason as to why they want a pair. You might just love the style and flair that side steps add to your car. You need one for your older family members, who can’t spring into the car like they used to. Or your children haven’t got long enough legs to reach all the way into the car yet. You can order them as a gift for your relatives or friends.
Fortunately for our customers, who all prefer their own ‘stamp’ on the car, Direct4x4 has more side steps than you’ve had hot dinners. We have gleaming sports tubes without side steps for the arty customer, practical customers are spoiled for choice in our sturdy, flat board range, and traditional customers will be pleased our long-time favourite style of shiny tubes with rubber step pads.
However, Direct4x4 don’t just stop there- we go further than the rest. Take your pick of the various materials and textures we have for our steps; stainless steel, aluminium, composite and even a mixture of aluminium and stainless steel. And because we well know that you love the original manufacture look without the original manufacture prices, we provide almost identical side boards for most cars, with the price torn down. Now, how’s that for a genuine bargain?
Side steps from direct4x4, why anywhere else?