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  • Chrysler is one of the big American car companies, producing vehicles of all varieties since 1925. The original Chryslers were engineered to give customers an advanced car at an affordable price and, today, this still holds true.

    Direct 4x4 stocks a range of accessories that can make your Chrysler all the more practical, ideal if you want to make most of your vehicle as well as making its appearance all the more eye catching.

    Direct 4x4 specialises in providing top quality accessories for all types of vehicles, from those designed with appearance in mind to accessories for the most practical of 4x4s. All of our pieces are sturdy yet stylish, whether you choose universal fitting or specially designed Chrysler accessories.

    Our Chrysler range of accessories includes those for the Voyager and Grand Voyager, letting you personalise both of these cars to make them all the more functional and attractive. These cars are ideal family vehicles and so our accessories can make sure they cater well for the whole family; for example, our stainless steel side steps can make sure all members of the household can hop in and out with no trouble. This line of luxury MPVs has a long and popular legacy, and with our accessories you can ensure you’re making the most of these well renowned family vehicles.

    Chrysler cars are meant to be reliable and affordable, with our accessories giving you an easy option to tailor your car to your exact requirements. Not only are they straightforward to fit, but each piece is specifically engineered to be hard wearing and durable. Here at Direct 4x4, we’ve got all sorts of accessories specifically aimed at Chrysler vehicles, helping you to boost the performance of your car as well as giving it an extra, rather stylish, splash of chrome.