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  • Daihatsu is the oldest Japanese car company, known particularly for its compact cars as well as its off-roaders.

    From the Terios to the Fourtrak and Sportrak models, Direct 4x4 can help you to improve the appearance of your Daihatsu to really turn some heads. While a Daihatsu might not be an imposing car, this doesn’t mean it has to compromise on looks; after all, good things come in compact packages.

    Daihatsu was first founded in 1907, but only started to export cars to Europe during the 1960s. However, it only really enjoyed big sales from the 1980s onwards. It has exported cars all over the world, offering innovative vehicles for an affordable price. The compact cars of the Daihatsu range are well loved all over the globe. Here at Direct 4x4, we know all about the history and values of the Daihatsu brand, and have channelled this into a range of accessories that can help you to boost the appearance of your Daihatsu, whether you’ve got a city run-around or a capable compact 4x4.

    We specialise in quality accessories for a whole range of cars, from the small but perfectly formed Daihatsu 4x4 right up to commercial vans and lorries. However, we never put style over substance, and all of our accessories are top quality, durable and robust. Even if you dive off-road at the first opportunity, you’ll find our trim and accessory options will keep going as long as your car does. Everything is designed with your Daihatsu in mind, making sure of a snug fit and factory-fresh look.

    Direct 4x4 loves helping people make the most of their vehicles. If you love your Daihatsu 4x4, then what better way to show your appreciation than with customisable accessories from our extensive range? You’re sure to get more than a few envious looks next time you’re stuck in traffic.