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Ford manufacturing

  • Ford is possibly one of the most famous worldwide car makers. Founded over a century ago, it not only produces some of the most popular day to day cars, but also vans, commercial vehicles and even the odd supercar.

    If you own a Ford, you’ll know all about the quality and engineering behind this renowned brand. Whether you’ve got a 4x4, van or crossover Ford, Direct 4x4 can help you to show your appreciation for the Ford name with vehicle accessories bespoke to your make and model of car.

    Ford was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. Though he didn’t invent the assembly line or the motor car itself, he did change the whole course of car history by inventing a way to mass produce cars to make them affordable for everyone. The Model T was, of course, available in every colour just so long as it was black; given that more than 15 million Model T cares were produced up until 1927, this lack of colour choice clearly didn’t put consumers off.

    Things are obviously very different nowadays, with a huge range of Ford models available. Here at Direct 4x4, we can help you to customise a whole range of vehicles, from the hardworking Ford Transit and Transit Connect to the rugged Ranger, touch Maverick and stylish Ford Kuga. All of our Ford accessories are made from high quality materials, from durable ABS plastics and rust-free stainless steel to aluminium and moulded rubber. Whether you want to add extra trim options or increase the practicality of your car, we’re the place to come.

    Ford is a car company with a long and prestigious heritage. With their cars and commercial vehicles often being the last word in quality and reliability, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more well-known and well regarded car maker. These are cars worth making the most of, and Direct 4x4 can help you do just that.