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Forester 2008-2013

Subaru Forester 08-13

  • Subaru have an excellent reputation for their supreme quality cars, the Forester being their answer to the ultimate off-roader. Unlike the first generation of Subaru Foresters, which felt like four wheel drive estates, the 2008-2013 models have a lot more 4x4 attributes.

    It offers great rider height, a more up right stance and a commanding driving position, highlighting its dominance both on and off road. The Foresters no-nonsense off road talent can’t be denied. It is a tough and resilient car, perfect for country living, taking pot holes, snow, mud and floods in its stride. The Forester is incredibly practical, whilst still being fun to drive. It is space efficient and offers a smooth on-board experience. The self-levelling rear suspension means that you can carry heavy loads, without upsetting the cars road manners.
    Subaru and reliability go hand-in-hand, like their other models, the Forester is built to last, meaning you will benefit from incredibly low maintenance costs. The Forester drives like an estate, with the off-road capabilities of a 4x4, what more could you want?

    Smooth, sophisticated and strong, there is no doubt that the Subaru Forester (2008 onwards) offers better handling than most SUVs on the road today. Perfect for both city and country living, the Forester is a dream to drive both on and off road. If you are looking to enhance its no-nonsense appearance, making it even more compelling, then take a browse at our high quality Forester accessories.

    If you take your Forester off-road on a regular basis, you may benefit from styling it with some of our bespoke 4x4 accessories. Our rear skid plated will protect the underside of your rear bumper, whilst a pair of stainless steel side steps will make it easier to get in and out of your car. Here at Direct 4x4 we understand the difference great accessories can make, which is why we only source the highest quality Forester accessories, from the best suppliers around the world.

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